MR. YARDLEY'S PROCESS - Frederick Hockley

Picture of the Mr. Yardley's Process book front cover, English version, published by Éditions Les Trois R.



While reading La Vie Minérale, we discovered Julien Champagne as a true servant of hermetical philosophy and appreciated his robust knowledge in the field of esoterica alchemy; so, we won’t be surprised to learn that after the writing of La Vie Minérale (1908), he will acquire in 1913 from Dujols a manuscript entitled Mr. Yardley’s Process.

Let’s not forget that in Demeures Philosophales, Yardley is well located between Naxagoras and Vincent de Paul, all quoted behind the particular Basile Valentin, « sustained by relevant philosophical reasons ».
And while talking about similarity, we will find under the name of Champagne that « even the reticence of the author, which are easily understandable, it seems that he knows the entire process of the Grand Œuvre ».

This manuscript is the copy of Mr. Yardley’s Process, written by Frederick Hockley taken from a letter of Bacstrom dated from 1804. This copy in English is displayed recto of each page. Champagne did realize the translation, which is displayed beside Hockley’s text: so we got both original text and its French translation.

Picture of the Mr. Yardley's Process book front cover, English version, published by Éditions Les Trois R.

Mr. Yardley's Process board number one, displaying the original manuscript on the right-hand side and it's French translation written by Julien Champagne on the left hand-side.

We propose today the most accurate reproduction possible. It comes with a presentation written by Alain Marchiset (1) and an afterword from Jean Artero (2) and Archer (3), who discovered the Mr. Yardley’s Process and requested us to publish it.

Picture of the Mr. Yardley's Process book front cover, English version, published by Éditions Les Trois R.

Mr. Yardley's Process board number ten.

Once highlighted the origins & filiation of this manuscript, copyist’s figures are also revealed: Frederick Hockley and Doctor Bacstrom who « have been affiliated to hermetical Society founded by l’Adepte de Chazal » as signaled by Fulcanelli. The witnesses of Yardley’s authenticity are also mentioned.

From Yardley to Champagne, via Chazal, Bacstrom, Hockley, Dujols: over almost 2 centuries, an Ariane’s thread which makes us thinking about it…
The editor


  1. Alain Marshiset is a bookseller of ancient books and a member of « Compagnie nationale des experts » (national experts Society). He created his shop « L’Intersigne », specialized into curious and rare books, in particular those related to occult science:
  2. Jean Artero is the author of Julien Champagne, apôtre de la Science Hermétique, ed. Le Mercure Dauphinois, 2014; L’Alchimie de Lesseps, ed. Area, s.l., 2010; Présence de Fulcanelli, ed. Arqa s.l., 2008



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